A Dedicated Family

Where ingredients, cooking, and flavors are a culture of the heart

Our Family

Parizade is home to a family of many. From our servers, cooks, managers, and owners, we are all here to serve our customers as though they were part of our family. We hold ourselves to a high standard of quality both in service and personality where you’ll feel welcome and cherished. Join us to dine and experience the Parizade atmosphere and cuisine that will always be a culture of the heart.

26 years after being founded by nationally- known restaurateur Giorgios Bakatsias, Parizade’s unique approach to serving Mediterranean fare has surpassed guests’ expectations for more than two decades. The continual procurement of the highest of quality local ingredients from both land and sea; coupled with an unwavering demand of service, Parizade’s command for excellence is never-ending. In our continued commitment to the hospitality and service industry, and the advancement of our concepts, we embrace and honor the legacy of Parizade while committing to its evolution.   Recently appointed Executive Chef, Jason Lawless is a testament to this philosophy. Having previously worked and trained in some of most discerning of restaurants in the country, Lawless brings with him a passion for flavor and an execution rooted in precision. We invite you to come experience the theater, hospitality and nourishment of the Mediterranean at Parizade.

Parizade is a Mediterranean dining experience crafted to surprise and delight our guests. You’ll find dishes prepared with a flair and attention-to-detail that’s second to none in an atmosphere that’s as stimulating as it is innovative. Parizade: a timeless celebration of life, food, family and friends that’s always fresh, yet familiar every time. Come visit us, and experience our impeccable service personally.

When creating a theater for the pallette,
it’s important to invite the eyes too. – 
Giorgios Bakatsias, Founder

Our Philosophy

One guest, one plate at a time
Giorgios Signature

Our History

Following over 25 years of experience, Parizade has become a Durham icon, with an atmosphere created with influences found in Durham, but with the colors and romance of the Mediterranean. With relaxed elegance, gracious service, and a theatrical ambiance the restaurant shares with its neighborhood a dining experience unlike any other in the area. By the vision of founder Giorgios Bakatsias, Parizade’s focus and passion of the ingredient has brought many customers from all over to notice. Also by the leadership of head chef Robert Adams, unique, outstanding cuisine and superb hospitality have been their priority. At Parizade you are the star. Let us put on a show for you that you won’t soon forget.