Private Dining

Parizade has one of the most elegant event spaces in the Triangle, where we serve only the most exquisite food and drink. We have the facilities, staff and experience to pull off every kind of private event, from corporate dinner parties to refined wedding receptions.

To reserve a private room, please contact us directly at (919)286-9712, or email our Catering and Events Coordinator Joshua Weaver at

Our Private Spaces


Outdoor Courtyard:

By day, our outdoor courtyard is a serene, tree-lined space filled with flowers, tasteful landscaping and a tranquil waterfall. But at night, the place comes alive. Spotlights, on the ground and in the trees, flicker with a warm glow. Music pumps through the speakers, building the energy up into a crescendo. Up to 150 people can drink and revel in this electrifying space.

The Club Room:

With a private bar and seating for up to 60 people, our Club Room is the ideal setting for a wedding reception, corporate event or large gathering.

The Board Room:

For our most intimate experience, we recommend the Board Room. It’s perfect for a company meeting, or casual private event. Set away from the hustle and bustle of our main dining room, yet with the same attention to detail and energy. Seats up to 20 people.




2200 West Main Street Durham, NC 27705
(919) 286-9712